GMO Labeling

When grown using the same techniques and in the same location, GM crops and non-GM crops are the same in appearance and nutritional value. Historically, the FDA has required labels to indicate if a food raises questions of safety, nutrition or proper usage. Mandatory labeling of genetically modified ingredients would imply to consumers that the safety of the ingredients is in question despite the fact that the results of thousands of studies have concluded they are safe. In a 2012 statement, the American Medical Association agreed there is no scientific justification for special labeling of bioengineered foods as a class.

Many supporters of GMO labeling argue that consumers should have the opportunity to avoid genetically modified food products if they choose to. That choice is supported currently in the market without the need for costly and unnecessary changes to food labels. Food products displaying the USDA Certified Organic label have been grown and manufactured without the use of genetically modified ingredients.

Animal rights activists and environmental groups are actively spreading mis-information about the food and livestock we produce. Farmers and ranchers in our state, nation and world are using the best technology available, including genetic modification, to produce the safest, healthiest and most abundant food supply in history. We are confident in the food we are producing, that’s why we feed it to our families!