Bushels for Books

As summer harvest approaches for many around the state, the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee and the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation are asking producers to participate in the new Bushels for Books program created to help educate Oklahoma youth about agriculture.

Bushels for Books - Providing accurate agriculture booksThe program allows farmers to donate a few bushels from their harvests – either by check or through their local co-ops – to purchase bushel baskets of accurate agricultural books to be placed in Oklahoma schools.

“The Bushels for Books program is an easy way for farmers across the state to ensure students understand the importance of agriculture,” OKFB YF&R Chairman Josh Emerson said. “It is essential for students to have access to resources that accurately describe the agricultural industry so they can grow up to be the next generation of producers or informed consumers.”

Teachers will be given the opportunity to apply for the books each fall. Applications will be sent to all Oklahoma schools and county Farm Bureau offices to encourage participation.

The program is open to all farmers, and donations are 100 percent tax deductible.

How the program works

For farmers wishing to donate wheat, please download, print, and complete the Bushels for Books PDF form, and take the filled-out form to your local coop or grain elevator to designate how many bushels of wheat you would like to donate to the program.

For coops and grain marketers, please market donated grain immediately and deposit the funds into an account for the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation. Please collect the completed donation form the producer turns in and mail it to the foundation with the payment. We will send a tax receipt directly to the producer.

Thank you for your participation in the Bushels for Books program to provide accurate agriculture books to Oklahoma schools!

Teachers and schools may apply to receive accurate agriculture books from the Bushels for Books program. Complete the 2016 Bushels for Books Application, and return them by Monday, October 24th to:

Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation
2501 N. Stiles
Oklahoma City, OK 73015


More Information

For questions about Bushels for Books, please contact Marcia Irvin at (405) 523-2405.

Download the Bushels for Books information sheet, containing a donation form (PDF file).